Saturday, August 23, 2008

Portland CityFest

I am having a ball at the Portland CityFest with Luis Palau! I saw some cool extreme sports, BMX and FMX! That is clearly not my photography strength... Here are a couple, bmx and skateboarding!

It's so much fun to be here on site with the Palau organization. This is such an amazing team. Last night, I got to see Chris Tomlin and some really neat guests of the festival! I even saw the family from TLC's Little People Big World. According to the estimates from the park police, there were 75,000 people here yesterday. Wow.

Tonight Hawk Nelson, Mercy Me and Toby Mac will take the mainstage. Jacob and Tommy would love to see Toby Mac!

Here's a photo of Brad photographing Chris Tomlin... just doing what he does.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I get to go shoot with Brad!

I've posted before about Brad's work with the Luis Palau Association. This time, I get to join him and I am so excited! Portland Fest is this week... I'll post more : )

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My kids, again!

We went to Como Zoo today. I grew up going to Como - It was wonderful! It's so much more kid friendly than the MN Zoo (of which we are members... so no Zoo bashing here), partly because it's smaller, so it's easier for little legs. I didn't have to carry anyone out of the park! We had a ball. Here is Jacob, in charge of his siblings, headed toward the entrance. He managed to get them turned around to indulge his mom's desire to snap a photo. Sarah really is there underneath that baseball cap. She wanted to wear one, since her brothers were, but all I had for her was my MN Gopher Hockey cap. She couldn't really see well at all ; )

We had fun looking at the HUGE Gorillas in the primates building. When we walked out of the building, Jacob and Tommy began singing a favorite Veggie Tales Silly Song, the lyric is this "If it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey - even if it has a monkey kind of shape - if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey, if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey it's an ape!"

So, the natural follow up question from Mom: "was the Gorilla a monkey or an ape?" They considered it for a moment - and with a good amount of confidence announced that it was an ape. Good job, boys. Thanks Veggie Tales : )

I was just musing about technology with my dad. He told me that when my Grandmother was born, commercial radio was not even on the air yet. And here are my kids, fewer than 90 years later, playing on a computer together. Jacob told me today, "my game isn't loading. Maybe if we turn it off and turn it back on again, it will work." Of course, it did. We'd expect that of a kid in this generation. My first computer was a IBM 486. It had just about enough power to type a letter. I thought I was pretty cool! It didn't have spell check, and I typed a whole paper about education and spelled it "edjucation." The irony.

We go to the pool a bit in the summer (yes, it really is warm enough for that in MN) and while the kids LOVE the water, I think sometimes they love the snack bar more!