Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank you and Goodnight

I was just turning off the local news, and for some reason held on to that phrase as I was about to close my computer and head to bed. "Thank you, and goodnight" I said to my computer. Seriously. Hmmm. I believe I am tired.

For the last two days, I have not taken a nap. This would be quite a feat for a two year old, but shouldn't seem like such a big deal to me. Except that it is. Have you noticed that I haven't posted since September? No, I didn't get tired of blogging. Just tired. Twelve weeks later, I am beginning to wake up. Do you see where this is going? This weekend will conclude my first trimester of my fifth pregnancy. We are happily (even more happily now that the morning sickness - really all day sickness - has tapered) expecting our FIFTH little person baby! Our kids are thrilled, even little Sarah seems to get it.

Brad and I were excited to meet our first little niece almost three weeks ago now. Little Mckenna was born to Brad's sister and her husband and she is a beautiful baby! I got to take her photos, of course. Though, I don't know how her mom and dad could have said "no," I didn't really give them much choice : )

Sarah thanks Jesus every night for "baby kenna," as she can't quite say "Mckenna" yet. She's quite in love with the cousin she's met only once. She will make a great big sister, of that we couldn't be more sure.

That's Tommy (age 3) and Sarah (2) with little Mckenna. Ironically, Jacob was behind the camera. Literally. He grabbed his uncle's point and shoot and started clicking. I bet they got some interesting photos.

I really do need to go to bed now, but wanted to get back into the habit of posting. So, here was a start. Next, I'll get to tell you about my visit with my Grandma Shannon and her dear friend, Beth. Stay tuned.