Monday, February 18, 2008

Brad's work

Brad is just returning from a week in the Dominican Republic, shooting for Mike Silva International. They have a cool photo gallery on their website, so you can see what Brad does when he travels . According to their website, they had over 20,000 decisions for Christ during their festival! I can't imagine being able to witness, and document, that kind of ministry taking place. What an honor.

Most of the time he travels with Luis Palau and loves being a part of what they do. Many spouses find that their conversations end alright if they just say, "yes, dear..." In our house, it's "anything for LPA." He was with Luis at a festival 2 weeks before Sarah Joy was born and was in China with him 3 weeks before Tommy was born!

Truly, though, I love what he does with Palau and Silva and think it's really important work. So, though we all miss him when he travels, he's doing what he's supposed to be doing. Shouldn't we all strive for that?

Credit where credit is due

Sometimes I get really frusturated by my husband not getting photo credit for the work he does when it gets published (he gets published quite a bit, and usually does get credit). Ok, my point here is this... I can't get frusturated when I am not giving credit myself. Ginger Murray took our family photo and endured the crazyness of that afternoon. I am so glad she knows us so well, or I don't know what in the world she would have thought! Seriously, if you'd been there, you'd wonder how in the world she got a picture at all. Thanks, Ging.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A photo of the day

I take a lot of pictures of newborns - it's the bulk of what I do. And, believe it or not, it doesn't get boring. Sure, there are things I anticipate, but every baby and every family is different. There are some things that do get redundant: I take photos of every baby's hand and feet. Now don't get me wrong, NONE of them look the same and they are all beautiful. Today, though, I had two things happen that don't usually happen. First, I had to re-shoot. I was finished with the session and found that my hand shot was really oddly colored (the baby's dad was wearing a gold sweatshirt that was doing interesting things with the light). So, I had to get a new photo of that baby's hand. Second, I got really excited about a hand picture. So, with baby Lillianna's parents' permission, here it is!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beautiful Brooklyn

What is sweeter than a little girl and her daddy on Valentine's Day? Here is beautiful Brooklyn and her dad. I met Brooklyn and her mom and dad in the hospital when I took her newborn photos. I had the pleasure of seeing how she's grown when they invited me into their home to take some family photos while Grandma was in town. How I love watching families grow~ Keep an eye here for the slideshow... coming soon!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Family photo time

Right now, Jacob is with Daddy at the Park at MOA (aka the Mall of America amusement park), riding rollercoasters to his heart's delight. Yes, the boy is tall enough for the BIG rollercoasters - but must be accompanied by an adult : ) He is reaping the benefits of a bribe. To wit: we've been trying to get a family portrait for a year, no exageration. . So, Daddy told him if he cooperated (he HATES having his picture taken, as referenced below), that he'd take him to do rollercoasters. As life with kids would have it, he cooperated pretty well, but little Sarah was having a tough day. Cutting three teeth at once would make anyone cranky. So, we didn't get much but here they are! As I look at them, I realize that this is what a family portrait is all about. It isn't a posed event, it's life. Memory making is not about how good we can look, smiling and sitting still. Memory making, and lifstyle portraiture, is about the moment. It's a glimpse into life. So, in my life today I have a beautiful teething daughter with a pacifer in her mouth and two rambunctious boys and their wonderful dad. What a blessing. I am humbled by God's grace; ever sufficient, ever abundant, ever amazing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Day

It's finally warm enough AND snowy enough to have more than 5 minutes of fun outside. This photo is a huge victory for me, because Jacob (our 4 year old) does NOT like to have his picture taken. Yay Jacob!